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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm writing up my outline for NaNoWriMo where I'm exploring the world of alternate timelines and the protagonist uses a spell/science/etc. to bring their future self to the present but their future self is from a different timeline NOT the future. My problem though is deciding if my protagonist should be male or female. How should I go about deciding that?
crankyashley crankyashley Said:


Toss a coin. Or ask your character. Or choose whichever is harder for you to write.

It’s your story. It’s your choice. If you’re undecided about gender, sketch out your character as in depth as you can and see if an answer presents itself. If not, pick one. You may change it in later drafts anyway.

Or they could be both or neither

I’m trying to write a Farscape joke without saying Farscape, Creighton, or translator microbes.

Inspiration isn’t what gets your book written. Discipline is.

Inspiration is fickle: it shows up when you least expect it, all sexy and exhilarating and reminding you why you put your butt in that chair and turned off Tumblr and forced yourself to trudge through the valley of no-good, very-bad first drafts. Enjoy that inspiration while it’s there. Enjoy it thoroughly because it is rare and precious.

Just don’t expect it to show up every day. The only thing that needs to show up every day is yourself—and your determination to see this through to the end.

I was behind for the last couple of days. I managed to meet my word count today and get back on par. ^_^

We stop in front anonymous door number three hundred and eighty-five.

“Open it,” Walker says.

“There’s a reader.”

“One, we both know you can open any door in the facility. Two, use your ident.”

“I don’t have access to anything except my quarters.”

“Kamaria, just use your ident already.”

“Fine.” I pass my card in front of the reader, I’m already giving Walker my I-Told-You-So look when the lock clicks open.

Okay, I’m at least on par. I’m off to bed now.
How goes #NaNoWriMo for you?


When I read Anthony Ehler’s post about NaNoWriMo my first thought was, ‘Oh yes, those crazy people.’ But since then the idea has taken hold. I have seriously started considering it. It does put you under pressure, but for someone who has procrastination issues a deadline does wonders. 

I’ve done the math:

  • 50 000 words divided by 21 working days = 2 380 words per day (Working Monday to Friday)
  • 50 000 words divided by 30 days = 1 667 words per day (Working every day)

It can be done. The whole idea is just to write, but I find it hard to let go and not know where I am heading. Some people can write like that. I can’t. So here are some things I am doing before the 1st of November to get me going. It’ll be my first NaNoWriMo, so I have no idea if it will help.

  1. I need to figure out who the protagonist and the antagonist are
  2. I need to know what is going to happen to them
  3. I need to know where my story starts
  4. I need to know what kind of story I am telling
  5. I need to write a rough story timeline

None of this is cast in stone. I write it down in the beginning so that I have something to refer back to when I get lost. I am happy to ignore these if what I am writing is magically working without it, but they will get me going and they may get me back on track. It seems I am going to be one of those crazy people after all. I’ll let you know if it works. 

by Mia Botha

Here’s how my calendar (wallpaper) ended up for NaNoWriMo  ^_^ Thoughts?

(I ended up using Sunday’s font) for everything except November and the dates)

Sunday x 2
Monday x 1
Tuesday x 1
Wednesday x1
Thursday x 0
Friday x 1
Saturday x 0
November x 0

Which of these fonts do we like?

I’m going with Sunday :)

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