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Does red crochet hair exist?


Um. Hello perfect human being. She’s perfection. ❤


Um. Hello perfect human being. She’s perfection. 


Up In Flames Wavy Wig


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Natural Girls United (@NaturalIsUnited) is a fabulous Black-owned business that produces beautiful dolls to resemble Black women and other women of colour. The hair textures, colours and styles varieties are so diverse. Also, I love that the dolls have full lips, round noses and are a variety of complexions. These dolls are too cute and are for sale. The price range appears to be  $45.00-$140.00, and the work is custom. Custom orders are also available.

As the founder, owner and designing artist Karyn Bird notes in her bio:

If a child is constantly looking at images, dolls, television, books and magazines - and only seeing beauty as something or someone with non-ethnic features and long, straight hair - then they are going to assume that this is what beauty is. It is something that has hurt our young people for centuries. But each day we learn that it is important to show them and teach them that their beauty is beautiful. 

The only thing that I would want added are dolls with size variety instead of the usual thin frame. But with everything else, these dolls are on the right track.

I want Black kids to have dolls with variety; and I say “kids” since I am not about gender restrictions on toys. In the past I wrote something gender-specific (Black Girls and Dolls; Black Women and Pinterest) since even if all genders of Black children play with dolls like these (which would be great), the connection to beauty perception and beauty politics most heavily falls on Black girls. Thus, how that beauty is interpreted and how much it subverts hegemonic and Eurocentric beauty norms matters. 




am I the only person who doesn’t wash their hair every day


when I tell people I don’t wash my hair every day they look at me like I’m some disgusting hobo

I only washed my hair once a week when I had long hair.

If I did it more often, it got super greasy and nasty.

Now it’s like every other day but lol every day? I don’t want to go back to nasty greasy hair thanks.

I have to wash mine every day. It becomes a greasy mess as soon as I pass the 24 hour mark. I only skip days if I am not going anywhere because it looks like I haven’t washed in a week. I wish I could skip days without looking like I’ve forgotten how a shower works.

It just depends on the type of hair you have. Most black people don’t wash their hair every day. The oils keep our hair from getting brittle and breaking off. I currently wash my hair most days, but only because the conditioner I use leaves a moisturizing oil behind. My SO, who is white, needs to wash his hair at least once every other day or it becomes a horrible mess. Then there’s everything in between. 


Everything You NEED To Know About Black Hair: A Basic Lesson

When Tiana Parkercan barely get her first words out of the sentence, “They should let me keep my…

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So awesome. Love her style. Black women doing this lavender, auburn, maroon and deep purple hair are SLAYING. 


Albinwonderland replied to me!!!


Frenchy French…Bon jour my loves!

Cool hair and cool phone case!

(Why is no one mentioning the case?)

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I tried to stop her from watching. But after encouragement from her friends, there she was, standing in front of the television, pulling dejectedly at her hair and voicing that she wanted curls like “Goldilocks.” Like most five year-old black girls, she was impressionable and hard-pressed to…