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State your name, rank and intention


State your name, rank and intention

Fezzes are cool.



Do you know why the Doctor was so interested in Souffle girl?

Because he was once a Baker.


I don’t know you, but we need to be friends.

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Dr. Who Meets Metal


Martha asking sensible questions about time travel - the butterfly effect, the grandfather paradox - on her first trip in the TARDIS.

The Shakespeare Code - series 03 - 2007

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First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh | Eighth | Ninth | Tenth | Eleventh
Photography by LJinto @ C2E2 '13.
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This group really was incredible. We were missing a couple of the doctors and our friend stepped up for the 1st that weekend, and we actually FOUND our 3rd at the con center. It sounds like a fairy tale how this group came together and it was glorious.

These girls all have a special place in my heart. and i hope this group forged strong friendship between everyone. All these ladies are beautiful and super glad to be apart of it all

Kinda perfect timing us getting these photos so close to the anniversary ;3 

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First look at The Time of The Doctor in this trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Premieres Christmas Day, December 25th 2013 at 9/8c on BBC America



Showing your friends Doctor Who

I’m now in love with adorable old man Colin Baker.

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my english teacher: ‘you never get adventure stories about male nurses’


I’m on my phone but I’m guessing that this is gonna have a photo of Rory Williams

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doctor who is such a deceptive fandom like at first you just think there’s 7 seasons no big. but then there are two spinoffs. then there’s 700 episodes of classic who. then there’s the audio dramas. and they have many, many spinoffs. then there’s the books. and don’t forget the comics. and then there’s gallifreyan history and wow my friend if you think you know anything about doctor who you are wrong.

the doctor who fandom is bigger on the inside

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