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I’m trying to write a Farscape joke without saying Farscape, Creighton, or translator microbes.

It’s time for #CampNano


CampNaNo is like NaNoWriMo (what I like to call NaNoPrime) except more relaxed. Set your own goals, hangout with your cabinmates, and have some fun.

But like NaNoWriMo, it needs your donations to keep it going. 


In the beginning, there was change…

When I’m teaching our Writers Write course, I’ve found that students seldom want to know how to write a perfect beginning. They think they already have that one in the bag. After all, they’ve worked it over many times, even if it’s only been in their heads. Generally, they have decided that it will be a prologue, usually a flashback that will show the reader something he or she needs to know in the future. Then they start at the beginning with backstory. They must because, ‘the reader won’t understand the story if I don’t show who the character is and where he comes from.’
Sound familiar? Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all start writing that way. We were taught exposition at school. We had to set up the story before we could begin. As a fiction writer you need to un-learn everything you were taught about story-telling as a child. Adults want to read a book that begins with a bang. They want to land in the middle of the action, identify with the protagonist, and take a thrilling vicarious ride to a resolution.
We can learn how to do this. We don’t need to hang on to bad writing habits that bore readers. The backstory belongs in your character profiles, your timelines, and your first draft. After that, we have to get rid of most of it, and start where things change.

So what are the elements of a good hook?


Always good advice…

I was behind for the last couple of days. I managed to meet my word count today and get back on par. ^_^

We stop in front anonymous door number three hundred and eighty-five.

“Open it,” Walker says.

“There’s a reader.”

“One, we both know you can open any door in the facility. Two, use your ident.”

“I don’t have access to anything except my quarters.”

“Kamaria, just use your ident already.”

“Fine.” I pass my card in front of the reader, I’m already giving Walker my I-Told-You-So look when the lock clicks open.

Okay, I’m at least on par. I’m off to bed now.
How goes #NaNoWriMo for you?

Here’s how my calendar (wallpaper) ended up for NaNoWriMo  ^_^ Thoughts?

(I ended up using Sunday’s font) for everything except November and the dates)

Sunday x 2
Monday x 1
Tuesday x 1
Wednesday x1
Thursday x 0
Friday x 1
Saturday x 0
November x 0

Which of these fonts do we like?

I’m going with Sunday :)

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