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I’m trying to get my baby sister (11 yrs old) ¬†into reading.¬†

You may remember that I previously asked for recommendations for books. I ended up with a couple that she never touched (of course). I really thought she’d like the one about the boy who also liked math, but not reading. Shows what I know @_@.

I thought I’d try a slightly different approach and try comic books or manga. However, I’m not a big comic and manga reader. I have this habit of skipping over the pictures, which kind of makes the story difficult to follow. Oops.

Do you have any recommendations?


Thanks, but that’s not a comic. If she’s not going to try to read a short book she’s definitely not going to read HP.

Thanks, I’ll look into it!

  1. writingitout answered: Sailor Moon has just been re-released.
  2. quietontheinside answered: Harry Potter!
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