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Just out of curiosity: what is the highest word count you’ve ever achieved in a single day?  If you’ve never participated in NaNo but you still track your daily word count, I’m also interested in your answer.


EDIT: If you have friends with higher word counts per day than you, I want to hear about them as well. :)

  1. verbal-ironyyy answered: About 7,000 or 8,000, I would estimate.
  2. thelondonmag answered: It wasn’t in NaNo, but at one point I had like 5,000 words in a day. But that was back at school during the summer. Aim for a few thousand.
  3. hercreativefiles answered: My highest was probably just over 2K back in 2010, though outside of NaNo and more recently I’ve written well over 4K in a day
  4. merrymints answered: 20,000
  5. sarahkmulligan answered: I think around 6k or something. That totally wasn’t a consistent thing. I was VERY excited about a certain scene.
  6. amandakthompson answered: I believe my highest word count in a day was about 20K. Prepared outlines work miracles.
  7. saeculasaeculorum answered: roughly 7k
  8. spasticcharge answered: There was one day my roomie and I wrote fic together for twelve hours straight. We got at least 10-15,000 words, if not more.
  9. sparkingstorms answered: I am fairly certain that my friend wrote 5000 some words one day, it was a weekend. But I could be wrong about that, might have been 3000.
  10. gethinfiltrator answered: It was over 10,000, actually. I don’t know why or how I wrote that much, but I just kept on writing!
  11. siuilaruinofthegale answered: Personally, my highest word count is ~5500-6000, I can’t remember exactly.
  12. thetimecametoblossom answered: About 3,500, I think.
  13. forwardfailing answered: Mine was the first day of Nano, the one year I beat it. 5,317 words.
  14. she-is-this-writer answered: Ah, I’ve done terribly for my past 2 nanos. I reached about 6,000 in one day, but gave up altogether after 11,000. :3
  15. triceratopper answered: Last year, I fell behind early on so I caught up by writing more than 7000 words a day for a few days. It was hard!
  16. ghostofthewind said: I should have added I was dead tired after too.
  17. ghostofthewind answered: I haven’t done NANo I may this year. My word count was 4000 also edited those as well.
  18. selahexanimo answered: I once reached 11,000 in a mad dash for the finish line.
  19. qunaribloodmage answered: About 8k, but one of my friends hit about 20k once.
  20. yephire answered: Only around 5000, sadly. But I know people that archieved twice of that…
  21. bookishdea answered: um, 10,000? Something like that.
  22. justanorthernlight answered: I got 30k in 36 hours once.
  23. ghostgarry answered: i am terrible with nano but i got about 4,000 words done one day (and then dropped out whoops)
  24. smileslikeparentheses answered: About 8000, but they were horrible words and I only did that many because I was really behind.
  25. fakesurprise answered: 13K at best.
  26. radiantpeaces answered: around 1750 word count per day, I try to hit. Sad, I know.
  27. bashaniwinter answered: Nowhere near these guys, haha, I think maybe it was around 5k
  28. kylasedai said: Last year I managed to do about 11k from 11pm to noon the next day.
  29. saphiremomo answered: I think I did 7k in one day, once. It was mostly because I had slacked the entire week and then got inspired, so I just wrote for a while.
  30. elainemorisi answered: 5.8K
  31. duncanalonso answered: not participating in NaNoWriMo, but I believe I logged 10k across various projects in a day, possibly a bit more.
  32. valswei answered: 5000
  33. devabbi answered: I reached 7.5k words in one day (it was a day off…), and a friend of mine got to 12. I don’t think he slept that day though.
  34. nineavalanches answered: about 7000 for one day, thanks to coffee haha
  35. wordwerks answered: Highest I ever got was about 12,500 in a day - it was an all night write-in . :)
  36. koryos answered: 8,000
  37. superiorescalator answered: I think 3000-4000? It was a while ago, but I really tried hard during the last days.
  38. ladyofthewhitetree answered: around 2,000 words
  39. requiemash answered: My record is 10,000-ish. But keep in mind that was after an insanely productive 18 hour writing session, after which I went briefly insane.
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  41. crankyashley said: Last year I fell behind, but got caught up one weekend when I did about 5k. Then fell behind again lol. Outside of NaNo the most I’ve done in a day is 8k.
  42. smeargled answered: Never done NaNo, but my PB is 7450 in a day. One of my friends managed 11000+ in a single day, though.
  43. gladosknightandthepips answered: I want to say somewhere around 5k?
  44. castielinaspookyblanket answered: 8,000
  45. kingedmundsroyalmurder answered: mine is just under 18k. Still trying to make it to 20.
  46. owleyesreviews answered: This past summer I got up to 5,157! It was a great day!
  47. kieranhasfeelings said: I can do about 10000 words on a good day.