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Too bad, I liked the SuicideGirls…

hmm, so that means i should try and be a suicide girl even though i’m clearly a boi.

some people’s logic terrifies me

Suicide Girls is really horrible. They also aren’t very fat or POC friendly.

Even by their definition there are ciswomen who aren’t women. Not all ciswomen have breasts.

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    Wait.. SG is trans hating, but it’s totally fine for you to be misogynistic, to slut-shame and to make disgusting...
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    You’re missing the point. It’s not about MY porn needs at all. Nor is about my understanding of gender identity. This is...
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    Suicide girls have to appeal to the market, but I had a friend get accepted into their galleries, and she’s probably a...
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    ….But isn’t that the policy of a majority of erotica(sp?) photography companies? So I edit my answer! In reference to...
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    Dang. :T You would think a sex-positive company like them would be more open. Looks like I’ll only be supporting my...
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    ^^ Tumblr users not understanding transwomen 2k12
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    The thing is, gender identity and feminity are not defined by a dick. And all isn’t about you. I think that accepting...
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    Amen, sista. Thank you.
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    A few Suicide Girls might find their movement empowering and blablabla but they mostly want to please the average “boy”,...
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    This sounds like a really great time for SGs to RECHECK their POLICIES and attempt change instead of dismissing to the...
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